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PANGO Music 6 Strings Electric Guitar (YMZ-105)

Original price $235.00 - Original price $235.00
Original price
$235.00 - $235.00
Current price $235.00

All the details are the same with our photos. 

If you want to see more photos or know more details, just contact us anytime, email or online chat 

Body: Alder 
Neck: Canada Carbonized maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood 
Frets: stainless steel ball end 

Packing: Professional foam case
Handing time: 2~3 days
Shipping info:
    EMS (about 25 days to door)---US$35
    pls choose EMS shipping service as the package is very big, don't choose UPS

Note: This guitar is in stock now, all the details are the same with our photos!