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Worldwide express fast shipping to most coutries or areas in the world, please check the folllowing diagram for the details.

If you are from other locations, please contact us before ordering! 

For every order, the handing time are 3~5 days, once shipped out, all the tracking info will be added to your GTS account and sent to your email.

Country (or locations)


USA, Canada

US$35 (about 25 days)

Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, South America

US$35 (20~25 days)

Note: The shipping fee above is based on 1 pc guitar or other .

For Europe customers, if you choose UPS/Fedex, pls offer us your VAT number, thanks!

Worldwide shping countries or areas as following:

 USA  Canada Hungary Australia
Japan Spain New Zealand Holland
Estonia Austria India Belgium
Denmark Germany France Luxemburg
Norway Portugal
Greece Italy Ukraine Belarus
Malta Ireland Philippines Malaysia
Thailand Singapore Indonesia Vietnam
Pakistan Turkey Mexico Poland
Brazil Peru South Korea China Taiwan
Israel Egypt Finland China Hong Kong 
Russia UK Kazakhstan China Macao

Note: For every order, our handing time is usually 3~5 days. By EMS, the shipping time is usually about 25 days. 

Any concerns, please contact us anytime, we will do our best to help you!